Samsung Galaxy Round: The Complete Hands-On Review

Posted on Oct 14 2013 - 5:11pm by GeekCurrent
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Samsung Galaxy Round The Complete Hands-On Review

The latest addition to the gadget world comes by Samsung one more time. By adding a unique smart phone having a curved screen, the company has once again gained recognition and attention among several mobile users. Known as the “Samsung Galaxy Round”, this gadget was released on October 10 exclusively in South Korea. The most unique feature of this phone is of having a curved body and a screen. This new design would probably help in having a handy usage and less issues of breakage. With its attractive design and impeccable features, this phone is looking forward to bring about a drastic change in the world of mobiles.

The phone has a slightly curved screen of 5. 7 inches. The high definition of its display could be considered similar to the previous screens modeled by Samsung. The curved body and shape leads to having a better grip and a comfortable feeling in the hand. The phone also contains the special feature of “roll effect”. This implies that you can simply roll over the phone on a flat surface and it shall easily display the time and missed calls while staying locked at the same time. Other operational features of the phone screen include the “Gravity Effect”. This helps you to have a better visual interaction. The display of the screen remains off while you are listening to music and you can easily use the side buttons to operate on the player.

The Galaxy Round is very much compatible with Android’s latest released app of ‘smartwatch’. The feature of multi window inside the phone lets you have a better control over your operations and you can use more than one app at the same time. The phone contains a camera of 13 mega pixels which is efficient enough to click great pictures for ordinary users. The 2.3 GHz processor and 3 GB ram ensure the smooth functioning of the handset. Like any other mobile phone by Samsung, the Galaxy Round too has amazing quality and lovely sound features. The 2800mAh battery will also make sure that the phone lasts all day even after being used frequently. The phone is officially released in Korea and is yet to be received by the rest of the world. The company has already started facing competition with the upcoming of the flexible OLED panel soon to be released in Korea by its competitor LG.